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What Happens When You Take Pre Workout Without Working Out?

What happens when you take pre workout without working out? The answer is kind of a let down:

Nothing unusual.

Well, it’s not totally nothing but let us explain and break it down for you.

Depending on the pre workout taken, it can have a stronger effect that you might not like or an effect that helps you focus, stay motivated, and stay awake.

The worst effect that people experience from taking pre workout and not working out is the effect of Beta Alaine that most pre workouts contain.

Beta alanine is a stimulant that often causes tingles throughout our bodies, which is caused by our nervous systems reacting to it. Don’t worry, its completely harmless but it is something you might not want to experience depending on what you’re doing.

The intended purpose of pre workout is to increase energy, endurance, motivation, and focus. If you don’t workout when taking pre workout, it will still follow through with its effects. It’s nothing to be worried about. However, there are some things you might need to know.

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Some important things to be mindful of when taking pre workout is:

  • Taken at least 6-8 hours before bed to avoid insomnia
  • Faster heartbeat and increased energy
  • An upset stomach (if not taken with proper amounts of water OR taken on an empty stomach)

So the question really depends on some activities that you might be using it for or if you took pre workout and end up doing something else.

Can You Take Pre Workout To Study?

Yes, but be mindful of which ones.

Here are our suggestions when choosing the right pre workout to study

  • Avoid Beta Alanine altogether
  • Use 6-8 hours before bed to avoid insomnia (well, unless you have to pull an all nighter)
  • Lower stimulants

What you want to look for in a pre workout for studying is increased energy, motivation, and focus without the tingly feeling of beta alanine.

Our suggestion of pre workout for that is: Cracked Rx Pre Workout. Contains natural ingredients with improved energy and focus making it perfect for any long night study session.

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Can You Take Pre Workout For Indoor Or Outdoor Chores?


Pre workout will give you that boost of motivation and energy to complete those tasks but you might want to lower the stimulants a little bit due to caffeine tolerance buildup or just unpleasant feelings of beta alanine.

How Long Does it Take For Pre Workout to Wear Off?

Some of pre workout’s effects can linger on for about 4-6 hours, while other effects such as the tingle effect of beta alanine can wear off in about an hour.

However, the effect of caffeine can stay in our systems to about 6-8 hours.

Bottom Line:

Pre workout is completely okay to use and not workout but it’s important to be mindful of its purpose and use. As long as you use it 6-8 hours before bed, it will pass through your system like normal.

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