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Stimulant vs Non-Stimulant Pre Workout: What is Better?

Unsure of which one might be better for you? Well, we’re here to help. Stimulant vs non-stimulant pre workout, each one has it’s own purpose and for it’s own group of people.

So let’s find out together, is stimulant or non-stimulant pre workout better for you?

What’s the Difference Between Stimulant vs Non-Stimulant Pre Workout?

Stimulant pre workout usually contains one or more of these stimulants: caffeine, di-caffeine malate, theobromine, or yohimbine, and at much higher doses than non-stimulant pre workouts.

Non-stimulant pre workout contains extremely little amounts of stimulant, or none at all.

Caffeine is the most common stimulant found in stimulant pre workout and is responsible for blocking feelings of tiredness to give you more energy in your workouts.

While non-stimulant doesn’t contain any caffeine, they do contain ingredients that reduce fatigue that result in a similar but different effect than caffeine.

To sum it up, the key difference between stimulant and non-stimulant pre workout is one contains ingredients, such as caffeine, that block feelings of sleepiness while the other does not block any feelings of tiredness.

Stimulant Pre Workout is better if:

You Workout in the Morning or Afternoon

Maybe you have a hard time getting yourself to the gym when you first wake up or early in the afternoon. Regardless, taking stimulant pre workout in the morning is very beneficial.

It will give you the motivation and energy to get right to your workout with ease due high amounts of caffeine.

Not only that, but the caffeine will well ware off before bedtime comes around making sure you aren’t laying in bed restless.

Caffeine Doesn’t Make You Sick

For some, caffeine can cause stomach aches, which can be a huge downside to having caffeine. The most important thing is your health. Do not take stimulant pre workout if you tend to get sick from caffeine since many pre workouts are high caffeine.

However, if you are new to pre workout, starting with beginner pre workouts isn’t a bad idea.

You Feel Sleepy

Stimulants are the one thing that will keep you from yawning during your workouts. Maybe you stayed up too late last night or didn’t get a good nights sleep; stimulant pre workout will fix that.

Of course, this also means you shouldn’t take it right before bed or during the night.

You’re Healthy

Feelings of jitteriness is mostly common in people who already have ongoing health problems. This doesn’t apply to many of you; however, if you have any question or concerns be sure to consult with your doctor as I am not a medical professional.

Non-Stimulant Pre Workout is better if:

You Workout at Night or the Evening

Get off of work late? Or perhaps you just prefer nighttime workouts because it feels better. Nonetheless, taking non-stimulant pre workout is almost a must have for you night owls.

Taking stimulant pre workout that late will make you never fall asleep! Neither of us want that for you, so to save yourself the trouble of having a bad sleep, take non stimulant pre workout.

According to the sleep foundation, you should intake any type of caffeine a minimum of 6 hours prior to sleeping.

Caffeine Makes You Sick

If caffeine tends to give you a stomach ache, taking stimulant pre workout will just end up slowing you down. That is why non-stimulant pre workout is perfect for anyone who feels sick after taking caffeine.

You Already Have a High Caffeine Tolerance

Do you already take higher caffeine pre workouts? Or you drink a ton of coffee per day. For the people who consume high amounts of caffeine on the regular basis, you have built up a caffeine tolerance.

Having a caffeine tolerance means stimulant pre workout will not work as well as you want it too. That is exactly why it is best to take a break, drink some non-stimulant pre workout for about 2-3 weeks and switch back.

As one who has built up a high caffeine tolerance, this is one of the best things about non-stimulant pre workout.

Which One is Better?

Stimulant pre workout is better for people who tend to workout in the morning and just needs a jolt of energy to get you ready for your workout.

On the contrary, non-stimulant pre workout is better for people who workout during the night or evening. That way you don’t end up taking a pre workout that won’t keep you up all night.

That’s also not to say you can’t have both.

As someone who sometimes works out in the morning or nighttime it’s great to be able to switch off depending on how late it is.

Depending on your life style, it’s all up to you.

Which Pre Workout Should I get?

Non-Stimulant Pre Workout Recommendation: Gorilla Mode Nitric Stimulant Free Pre-Workout

  • 10g of L-Citrulline
  • 4g of Betaine Anhydrous
  • Massive Pumps
  • Greatly Increased Vascularity
  • No Caffeine
  • Best for Late Night Workouts

This Pre Workout is one of the best non-stimulant pre workouts out there. By reducing muscle fatigue, increasing endurance, and increasing blood flow it makes for a highly recommended non-stim pre workout.

Personally, I use this on days I want to workout late or had a late day at work. No matter the reason, this pre workout always gives me what I need in my workouts.

(Disclosure: As an Affiliate of different sites, such as Amazon, I will earn a small commission on purchases made with NO EXTRA COST towards your payment)

Stimulant Pre Workout Recommendation: Ryse Project: Blackout Pre Workout

  • 370mg of Caffeine
  • Long Term Energy
  • Better Focus and Motivation
  • Increase Blood Flow
  • Decreased Fatigue

In addition to having 370mg of Caffeine, Ryse Blackout also contains sustained released caffeine for long term energy throughout the entire day.

Which makes this pre workout, a great choice for any who uses pre workout in the mornings.

Not only that, but with nootropics that improve focus and motivation, this will get you straight out of bed and motivated to go workout.

(Disclosure: As an Affiliate of different sites, such as Amazon, I will earn a small commission on purchases made with NO EXTRA COST towards your payment)

Is Non Stim Pre Workout Worth It?

In my own personal experience, having non stim pre workout is completely worth it. The only thing it lacks is caffeine, which can even be a good thing for some people, but besides that it provides great benefits to reducing fatigue and increasing blood flow.

I would suggest to always have a non stim pre workout on hand because sometimes we cannot stick to our schedules perfectly, therefore leading to a late night workout and still being able to take some pre workout without staying up all night.

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