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4 Pre-Workouts That Won’t Make You Have Restless Nights

Most Pre Workouts have tons of extra caffeine that will stay in our systems for about 8 hours before completely disappearing. The most common side effect of pre workout is making you stay up all night. So are there pre workouts that won’t make you have restless nights? Absolutely. If you’re looking for pre workout that won’t keep you up all night, you’ve come to the right place.

Of course that’s to say that everyone has a different goal in mind when taking pre workout: whether you’re looking to get some quick energy from pre workout or you just don’t want caffeine at all.

We will leave you off with multiple options that you may be looking for. So this time, you can ‘rest easy’ with these pre workouts.

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Quick list of pre workouts that won’t keep you up all night:

Low Caffeine Pre Workout

Alpha Lion Pump Pre Workout

  • Contains 1mg < 0mg of Caffeine
  • Contains Pink Himalayan Salt
  • Better Focus and Motivation
  • Increase Blood Flow
  • Decreased Fatigue

Contains less than 1mg of caffeine because of a little bit of green tea extract. This will give you exceptional focus, motivation, and stimulation.

This will give you energy but not in the form of caffeine which can be longer lasting and it will keep you awake all night. Alpha Lion Pump Pre Workout is a great option for anyone looking to workout at night.

(Disclosure: As an Affiliate of different sites, such as Amazon, I will earn a small commission on purchases made with NO EXTRA COST towards your payment)

Alpha Lion Pump Pre Workout has some special ingredients that make it unique such as Lion’s Mane.

Lion’s Mane will give you that increased focus and energy. Well, how does it give you energy if there’s no caffeine? By reducing muscle fatigue. This is what makes Lion’s Mane in Alpha Lion Pre quite special.

Not only that, but it offers some amazing pumps too. Containing 175mg of pink Himalayan salt or 350mg in two scoops provides one of the best blood circulation a pre workout can give.

Beta Alanine is also present which makes for a great increase in endurance.

I personally love this pre workout when I was doing something during the day and then it turns out I’m working out late.

From finishing my late night workout to laying in bed, it makes for one of the most perfect pre workouts that won’t keep you up all night.

Late Night Pump Pre Workout with NO Caffeine

Gorilla Mode Nitric Stimulant Free Pre-Workout

  • 10g of L-Citrulline
  • 4g of Betaine Anhydrous
  • Massive Pumps
  • Greatly Increased Vascularity
  • No Caffeine

This pre workout provides some nasty late night pumps. If you’re the type of person that loves working out at night, then this is totally for you.

It will make for some great workouts while still having the boosts of reduced fatigue and improved concentration.

Contains NO caffeine which will make for a good rest after your done getting your workout in. You can easily rest afterwards and comfortably fall asleep.

(Disclosure: As an Affiliate of different sites, such as Amazon, I will earn a small commission on purchases made with NO EXTRA COST towards your payment)

This Gorilla Mode Pre Workout is by far one of the best for pumps and blood circulation. Caffeine in pre workout restricts blood flow but without containing caffeine there is nothing to restrict blood flow.

Therefore, this makes all it’s ingredients generally increase blood flow during a workout, which is perfect for putting on size.

Some people prefer to workout late at night, but all that means is to make sure you can still fall asleep at night.

After you finish your workout, there is no ingredient keeping you awake and likely, after a harder workout, you’ll feel even more tired and get a good nights rest.

  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Has Green Tea for Caffeine
  • Only about 4-8mg of Caffeine
  • Increase potential Weight Loss
  • Increase Focus and Concentration

Being an all-natural pre workout makes for a pretty cool benefit. All the ingredients listed are extracts from different kinds of fruits or vegetables.

Some of this pre workout’s ingredients has effects to increase our metabolism which could potentially increase weight loss by burning more calories.

Lastly, a nice touch is with an increase to focus and concentration which is required in any pre workout.

(Disclosure: As an Affiliate of different sites, such as Amazon, I will earn a small commission on purchases made with NO EXTRA COST towards your payment)

An all-natural pre workout is certainly rare which makes this already very unique. Every ingredient listed comes from an extract from a plant, fruit, or vegetable.

Green tea is a good pre workout because it will provide benefits to focus and concentration. Using it for a late night workout or even a late night is a great use for this pre workout.

The caffeine in Organic Muscle comes from it’s green tea. Surprisingly enough, green tea contains a little bit of caffeine. However, what’s also important to note is that green tea’s caffeine is burned through way quicker than normal caffeine.

Not only that, but it contains very little so you rarely feel its effects whatsoever.

The effects for this pre workout are good pre workouts for beginners too since it isn’t much of a stimulant.

If an all natural late night pre workout sounds appealing to you, this is most definitely the one you want.

Short-term Energy Pre Workout

GHOST Pump Nitric Oxide Powder

  • 6g of L-Citrulline
  • 3g of Arginine Nitrate
  • Nitric Oxide Producers
  • Increased Energy without Caffeine
  • Mood Booster

Increased nitric oxide production will result in short term energy that is not caffeine. This is great if you’re feeling more sleepy and want something that will give you energy but will not make you stay up all night.

GHOST Pump Pre Workout also has mood boosters which will increase motivation for your late evening workouts.

The last effect is a blood circulation booster which is always a requirement for any pre workout.

Not only that, but GHOST is also known for good tasting pre workouts, Yum.

(Disclosure: As an Affiliate of different sites, such as Amazon, I will earn a small commission on purchases made with NO EXTRA COST towards your payment)

Using this on days which you may feel tired after work makes for a good pre workout for the night. Usually people who prefer working out at night aren’t as tired.

GHOST has ingredients that increase the production of nitric oxide which will give you short term energy. Arginine Nitrate is the ingredient responsible for making this happen.

Taurine is also another ingredient present which is known to boost mood and increase motivation.

Then finally, L-Citrulline makes for increased blood circulation and better pumps.

The Final Opinion

Each pre workout has it’s own pros and cons to it. If you’re looking for a 2nd opinion on the matter I would personally suggest Gorilla Mode Pre Workout because it’s a little stronger and really gives me what I want in a pre workout.

Gorilla Mode is one of the strongest pre workouts that isn’t a stimulant.

Luckily, all of these pre workouts can be taken 2 hours before bed and you can still get a good nights sleep. The use for these pre workouts are needed for people who work late, study late, or have other important things to do in which they workout late. That is why it’s never a bad idea to get one of these pre workouts.

No worries about sleep when taking these pre workouts, and Gorilla Mode Pre Workout won’t keep me up all night or you. Therefore, let us rest easy tonight.

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