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Pre-Workout: is it worth it? Benefits & Effects Explained

Many others like yourself, are very nervous about spending money before you have a clear understanding of what this pre-workout supplement is and if it is worth the benefits vs the effects or risks. Well, if you would like the quick answer to that question the answer is obvious.

Yes, Pre-Workout is definitely worth it.

But why?

Well, let us explain to you that answer:

What does Pre Workout do?

Pre-Workout is a performance boost supplement. When initially ingested, via mixing with water (300-600ML), the chemicals contained in the supplement travels through the body and brain. These chemicals are claimed to have an impact on fatigue, endurance, and strength.

So do these ingredients really have an impact on performance?

The simple answer is yes: the chemicals contained in the pre-workout have shown to have benefits to endurance, fatigue, and muscle growth.

What are the Common Things Found in Pre Workout and how do they Help?

Caffeine –

The stimulant Caffeine is the number one ingredient found in most pre-workout supplements.

Caffeine is arguably the most important ingredient that has shown to enhance performance by reducing the feeling of fatigue and exhaustion (S).

Beta-alanine –

This chemical is known as a non-proteogenic amino acid, which can cause a tingling sensation in our bodies.

Beta-alanine has also shown to increase power and enhance performance in muscle training exercises (S).

Creatine –

This chemical compound known as creatine, helps in the production of ATP (S).

ATP has been shown to help protein synthesis which will help muscle recovery and growth (S).

Can you mix creatine with pre-workout?

Yes. If your pre-workout does not contain creatine it is perfectly safe to mix creatine in to receive its benefits.

L-citrulline –

A type of amino acid L-Citrulline, which is commonly found in watermelon, has also shown to have benefits to sport related performance (S).

Vitamin-B –

Vitamin-B is found in pre-workouts because it helps and assist with muscle recovery. While most bodybuilders can lose a lot of vitamin-B when on a diet, it is often used as a supplement.

It’s important to have enough Vitamin-B because it assists in repairing damaged red blood cells which is essential in muscle recovery (S).

L-carnitine –

A conditionally essential amino acid L-Carnitine, improves muscle recovery and helps reduce muscle fatigue (S).

L-arginine –

Supplemented L-arginine has found to increase resistance training by reducing muscle stress and aiding in muscle recovery (S).

Will Pre Workout Help Endurance Based Exercises?

Absolutely. Pre-Workout is great for running, hiking, or biking.

All the chemicals above found in Pre-Workout have scientifically shown to increase endurance and oxygen in-take.

Pre-workout is highly suggested for runners and aerobic based exercises and will improve when taken. In addition, increased endurance allows for better training and muscle output allowing for higher level training.

Can Pre Workout Assist in Weight Loss?

It highly depends on the person. Pre-workout can assist in training exercises by increasing endurance and reducing fatigue.

Working harder and pushing yourself with pre-workout will definitely have a noticeable impact on weight loss and give you more results.

What are the Side Effects of taking Pre Workout?

1. Sleep Problems –

Since caffeine is the main ingredient found in pre-workout, it is commonly known to cause insomnia when taken a few hours before bed.

How to reduce this symptom?

It is recommended you take caffeine at least 6 hours prior to going to bed according to the Sleep Foundation (S).

2. Tingling

A common side effect of taking Pre-Workout is a tingly feeling in your entire body, which is caused by the beta-alanine stimulant. It is completely harmless and caused by our nervous systems.

How to reduce this symptom?

Avoid it or reduce intake.

Some may love the feeling of this stimulant but others hate it. Choosing a pre-workout that doesn’t contain as much beta-alanine or doesn’t have it is completely optional.

3. Jittery

Caffeine also increases alertness which can make us hard to be able to sit still.

How to reduce this symptom?

Use your energy.

Using energy will allow our bodies to use the energy the pre-workout has given us so it’s highly suggested to be active when taken.

4. Upset Stomach

Pre-workout when digested increases our metabolism which could result in diarrhea.

How to reduce this symptom?

Drink Water, LOTS of water.

It is suggested you drink between 300-600ML of water. With enough water, it will help smooth the digestion of pre-workout.

What Pre Workout Should I Get?

Getting the correct pre-workout that matches your particular likes and needs is important. Each supplement serves a purpose and likewise for us to use each supplement to its furthest capability.

So which one matches my needs?

The first thing to do is start searching for beginner pre workouts. These can guide you into what pre workouts you might like more than others.

Can I Dry Scoop Pre-Workout?

Do not dry scoop pre-workout.

Dry scooping pre-workout can cause extreme digestive problems by coating our stomach and not allowing for proper digestion. Pre-workout dissolves in water, when not taken with water it will not dissolve. In addition, it can also lead to irritation of the lungs by inhaling the pre-workout.

It’s important to take pre-workout using water and thus follow the proper direction labeled on each Supplement.

Is Pre Workout Safe?

If pre-workout is taken at the recommended dose it is completely safe and will not cause any life threatening health problems.

But you should start at a beginner level pre workout and build your way up to something you’re comfortable with.

Can you take pre-workout long term?

Yes. Taking pre-workout long term does not hold any health concerns that you should be worried about; however, pre-workout use may not work as well as it did in the beginning when taken long term. When you feel as if your pre-workout isn’t hitting as hard as it once used to, take a week to two week break and your pre-workout will work as good as it did before.

However, some pre workouts like the strongest pre workouts isn’t as ideal to take everyday and for long term.

The Bottom line:

Choosing to use pre-workout is optional and not required. If you feel as if you don’t have enough energy and have increasing fatigue then it just may be something you want to get.

Pre-workout can be a great tool to help overcome fatigue and increase endurance.

Overall, pre-workout is definitely something you may want to try and it will not disappoint your wallet.

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