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Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt for Workouts

Pink Himalayan salt has grown in popularity recently, and for a good reason. Because the benefits of pink Himalayan salt for workouts can have some serious benefits. On top of that, pink Himalayan salt is becoming more commonly found in pre workout due to its advantages.

No doubt pink Himalayan salt is a significant ingredient to working out, but why?

Put simply, it’s benefits are chased by many weightlifters. The feeling it provides is undoubtedly real.


What does Pink Himalayan Salt do Before a Workout?

Pink Himalayan salt is commonly added to a drink (usually a pre workout drink). It can be taken from 1-3 grams to see good results. Be sure to give it time to dissolve in the water before consumption.

As soon as pink Himalayan salt is ingested it will begin working its magic within our bodies. As a result, using pink Himalayan salt before a workout will increase blood circulation. Usually this also results in an increase of vascularity and a pump.

Pink Himalayan salt is incredibly good when taken before a workout and goes good with pre workout.

Greatly Increases Blood Circulation

Blood circulation is the founding of a pump and for most gym rats. Having increased blood circulation can also provide authentic benefits to a workout.

Some benefits of having increased blood flow are:

  • Promotion of protein synthesis [S]
  • Increased vascularity
  • More oxygen being delivered to your muscles

But why do these things even matter?

Promotion of Protein Synthesis

With an increase of protein in our bodies, it will aide in recovery and muscle growth. Protein is the basic building block of being able to recovery properly and to heal the damaged muscles.

Having better blood flow makes a huge impact on whether you are recovering properly

Increased Vascularity

Veins showing is something everyone wants. It generally will make any physique look way more appealing and eye catching.

The increases of vascularity comes from more blood being transported through your veins. This also means more oxygen is coming and going throughout your body

More Oxygen Being Transported Through Your Body

Oxygen plays a key role whether your gains will actually be used or not. More oxygen means better recovery.

Not only for recovery but our levels of oxygen during a workout determines the strength output we put in. If you aren’t breathing during a lift you wont be maximizing your strength.

Ever wondered why laughing during a lift with your gym bro makes you so much weaker? It’s simply because of a lack of oxygen being transported through your body.

Pre Workout and Pink Himalayan Salt


One of the best pre workout ingredients is pink Himalayan salt, These two together make a great combo and for certain reasons and benefits.

Caffeine Restricts Blood Flow

Caffeine restricts blood flow so why would it be a good combination?

Simply put, sodium, especially pink Himalayan salt, increases blood flow. The end result is that caffeine can work properly and provide good benefits while Himalayan salt cancels out the bad one.

This makes for pre workout to do a better job and provide you energy while still improving pumps by increasing blood circulation within our bodies.

And no doubt, having good blow flow is key for weight lifting.

Offers an Even Better Pump

Some pre workouts tend to focus too much on caffeine and stimulant that they often neglect putting enough blood circulation increasers.

L-citrulline is a common ingredient found in pre workouts; however, pink Himalayan salt is much better for improving blood circulation and vascularity than l-citrulline.

Pink Himalayan salt is by far one of the healthiest and most sustainable ingredients to give you a pump. Therefore, it is great for pumps and with the added bonus of being put in pre workout, it makes for a deadly gym combo.

How Much Pink Himalayan Salt for a Pump?

If you are just consuming pink Himalayan salt, you will need about at least 2 grams, or roughly 1/2 teaspoon of pink Himalayan salt to feel a pump.

However, if you are adding pink Himalayan salt to a pre workout, you will only need about 500mg-1g, or about 1/4 teaspoon of pink Himalayan Salt for a better pump.

Electrolytes in Pink Himalayan Salt


Pink Himalayan Salt contains a perfect balance of electrolytes. It’s incredibly important for our workouts that we are getting proper electrolytes for our body.

Some of the benefits of certain electrolytes found in pink Himalayan salt are:

  • Improving better hydration
  • Reducing dehydration fatigue
  • Helps muscle contractions
  • Reduces water retention

Pink Himalayan salt accomplishes all of these benefits by containing these important electrolytes.

Improving hydration can reduce risk of injury during your workouts and reduce dehydration fatigue. Staying hydrated is also really important for recovery.

Another added benefit is helping muscle contractions. During exercise our muscles contract heavily and achieve what’s known as hypotrophy. This is the basis on how our muscles grow.

Water retention can make you appear more bloated and show less muscle. Reducing water retention will not only make you look more lean, but it is generally healthier for water to be used and passed through then held onto.


Is Pink Himalayan Good for Pre Workouts?

Pink Himalayan salt and pre workout are a perfect combination together. The fundamental reason for this is that caffeine restricts blood flow but pink Himalayan salt improves blood flow. Therefore, pink Himalayan Salt cancels out the bad effect of caffeine, which high amounts are commonly found in pre workout.

Does Pink Himalayan Salt Give you a Pump?

The main purpose of Pink Himalayan Salt is to greatly increase blood flow and vascularity. Due to these effects, it will end up giving you a massive pump during your workouts. By just putting about 1/4 teaspoon into a drink you will see its effects.

What Pre Workout is Best for a Pump with Pink Himalayan Salt?

Ryse Godzilla Pre Workout is one of the best pump pre workouts. It contains about 500mg of pink Himalayan, which is a great amount on top of other blood circulation ingredients.

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