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6 Best Lower Lats Workout for a Better V-Taper

Lower Lats are commonly neglected but extremely important to have a broader back. So let’s cut right to the point, these are best lower lats workout to build a wider back.

man flexing his back while exercising

How to Target the Lower Lats

Understanding how the lats actually work in a real exercise will help us work towards building the lower lat specifically.

The lats are responsible for moving the arm in rotations such as: adduct, medially rotate, and extending the shoulder joint [S].

Therefore, in exercises that involve pulling weight back, you will effectively target the lats. In addition to targeting the lats, the closer your elbow is to your side, the more you will target your lower lat in extending your shoulder joint.

It’s extremely important to keep this in mind when you are trying to hit the lower lat in the most effective way possible. Because if you pull back with your elbow too high, you will begin to even hit your rear delt.

So enough about the lats, let’s get straight into the best exercises for your lower lats.

1. Half-Kneeling Single-Arm Lat Pull Down

This video demonstrates perfect form for this exercise I highly suggest to watch it to perfect it fully.

Why This Targets the Lower Lats

In this exercise, you are extending your shoulder joint and pulling back down towards your side. Another thing you can do that further works the lats is grabbing the left d-handle with your right hand. Doing this will increase range of motion in a medially rotation.

With controlled movements, you can pause and squeeze your lat at the bottom portion of the lift that will increase activation in your lower lats.

What makes this a great option is the fact your elbows are so close to your side and it will really hit that lower lat.

2. D-Handle Lat Pulldown

This video shows good form other than the fact you should bring your elbows even a little closer to your body.

Why This Targets the Lower Lats

Because you are keeping your elbows closer together, using d-handles is most optimal in targeting the lower lats.

During the exercise, you are effectively activating your lats by abducting your arms downwards while pulling back.

It’s great due to being able to go slow and controlled while using heavier weight the normal. If you are controlling the weight, then you are doing it right.

3. Standing Lat Pushdown

The video shows great form in building muscle mind connection to the lats,

Why This Targets the Lower Lats

Standing Lat Pushdowns make for a great arm abduction exercise for the lower lats. You are effectively bringing your arms down by pushing purely with your lats when done correctly.

Doing this exercise you must avoid using your triceps to push down. It should be a curved sweeping motion as shown in the video.

It will effectively create a lot of pressure on your lower lats and highly engage them in all movements of the exercise.

4. Machine Assisted Chin-Ups

Using machine assisted chin-ups will allow for better control; however, if you can use bodyweight for good reps and control you can also do that.

Why This Targets the Lower Lats

Having your elbows push down towards your hips will involve way more lower lat movement rather than having them in a wide grip.

The general rule is the closer the grip, the more lower lat movement and vice versa for upper lats.

A problem with this lift is you will feel it in your biceps too and is not just a lower lat movement, but it still makes for a great additional exercise.

5. Kneeling Single Arm Cable Row

You can also do this exercise on a row machine while using the pad to give yourself better control.

Why This Targets the Lower Lats

This is an excellent exercise for the lower lats if you focus on the bottom portion of the lift and bringing your elbow down closer to your hips.

While this will work the upper lats, its still a great lower lat exercise as well.

I really do suggest to use a row machine so you can put your hips alongside the pad for better stabilization and control. Also remember to use a d-handle for this exercise too.

6. Single Arm Lat Pulldowns

Similar to chin-ups and d-handle lat pull downs, but a great exercise to add nonetheless.

Why This Targets Lower Lats

A great exercise to really help muscle mind connection for one side each time.

Due to extension of the shoulder joint, and abduction by pulling down, you will effectively work your lower lat.

This will also force more lower lat movement then upper lat by being so close to our body and pulling down towards our hips instead of a wide grip.

Back Workout Split

There are a lot of muscles in the back so you can separate your workout into two days.

Day 1: …Upperback, Reardelts.

Day 2: Lats (Upper & Lower), Mid Back

You can include up to ONLY 3 of these exercises each time you work the lower lats:

  • Half-Kneeling Single-Arm Lat Pull Down (10-12 reps x 3 sets)
  • Single Arm Lat Pulldowns (8-10 reps x 3-4 sets)
  • Standing Lat Pushdown (12-15 reps x 2-3 sets)
  • D-Handle Lat Pulldown (12 reps x 3-4 sets)
  • Kneeling Single Arm Cable Row (10-15 reps x 2-3 sets)
  • Machine Assisted Chin-Ups (15-20 reps x 1-2 sets)

Want to Build Lean Muscle Quicker?

We suggest taking bodybuilding supplements. Supplements are a great way to speed up recovery speed and increase your workouts.

Another tip to increase workouts is to use pre workout. If you would like to use pre workout for beginners, we suggest that too!

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