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What Supplements do these 4 Famous Influencers Use?

We all want the questions answered: What pre workout supplements did Alex Eubank, Cbum, David Laid, and Eddie Hall use?

Sometimes it’s best to follow someone elses success and trust their words because after all they became successful.. right?

Well, it’s a difficult question to answer but we all want to know first: What did they use?

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1. Alex Eubank

In this video, Alex Eubank shares his secrets on the supplements he uses for us to build muscle faster.

We picked out the best and most useful supplements you can use to get bigger quicker.


Alex recommends Gold Standard Whey and mixing it into a protein shake:


Alex also begins to recommend BCAA which he states that our bodies need more amino acids in which we have to get from the outside. He suggests using Essential Amino Energy


Alex explains HMV as a way to hold onto muscle mass during a cut.

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Creatine, as Alex explains, stores more water in your muscle increasing water weight and since our muscles need more water to grow it can help increase lean muscle mass by doing so.

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What Pre-Workout does Alex Eubank use?

The pre-workout Alex’s uses as of 2022 is Alpha Lion Pre.


CBUM used to be apart of Jacked factory until he split off into Raw Nutrition starting his own brand type called CBUM Series.


Using CBUM’s partnership, he likes to use his own CBUM Itholate Protein.

What Pre-Workout does CBUM use?

Since his split from Jacked Factory in Sept. of 2021, CBUM began using his own pre-workout partnered with Raw Nutrition called Thavage Pre Workout.

3. David Laid

David Laid explains what he takes for supplements.


Like Alex EuBank, David Laid also uses the Gold Standard Whey Protein.


David Laid explains that he takes 5g of creatine monohydrate per day. He prefers to dryscoop it and then drink water to get his daily fill of creatine.


David tells us that Living Green Multi-Vitamins has all the essentials our bodies need. He takes 2 pills in the morning and 2 at night.

What Pre-Workout does David Laid use?

Pre-workout that David Laid uses is called Euphoria Pre-Workout and still uses in 2022. However, based on ratings and reviews we do not recommended using this pre-workout.

4. Eddie Hall

Eddie Hall Shares the Following of what he uses:

  • Impact EAA
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin B12
  • Multivitamins
  • Electrolyte Tablet
  • Nordic Oil (Fish Oil)

What Pre-Workout does Eddie Hall use?

Eddie Hall uses THE Pre-Workout; however, you can only find this pre workout on their site or using the UK amazon site.

While famous influencers can guide us, sometimes it’s better to do it ourselves.

There is tons of information found on the internet that can be more useful then what others have to say. While these influencers used what worked for them, it may not be the best for us.

These influencers are sponsored and trying to sell us something. For science based reasoning check out our blogs that give articles to prove success.

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