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The BEST Pre-Workouts we’ve Tried for you in 2022

This list is complied to be the best pre-workouts we found and tested in 2022. Based on criteria we found to be the most wanted and searched for.

Finding the right pre-workout that matches your needs is difficult, nonetheless, we’ve compiled the list of what we think matches your interests.

Here are the best pre-workouts you should use according to us, the testers.

(Disclose: As an Affiliate of different sites, I will earn a small commission on purchases made with NO EXTRA COST towards your payment)

How we scaled and determined the best pre-workouts

Flavor: You do not want something that makes you want to hurdle mid-set. Gross.

Strength of the pre-workout: Finding the pre-workout that can make you complete each set with ease is a huge purpose in pre-workout.

Price: Your money matters. Price is important

The Pump: A workout Pump will increase blood movement and make your muscles grow bigger than you’ve yet to seen before. Seeing how much pre-workout can increase this is undoubtedly important.

Health: Health is important to us, and to you. Some pre-workouts can cause stomach aches depending on the person. Choosing the best one for you is most important.

Why use pre-workout?

Pre-workout is used as a safe way to enhance sport efficiency and endurance. As a result, pre-workout usually contains a high amount of caffeine to increase your sport efficiency.

It is highly suggested among many lifters and bodybuilders that the use of pre-workout will increase muscle gain and improve workouts.

Pre-workout can be highly beneficial to those that train and use muscle fatigue to their advantage. In addition, it just may give you that little bit of boost to finish that one final rep.

If you are unsure if you really want to use pre-workout consider reading Pre-Workout: is it worth it? Benefits & Effects Explained for more in-depth knowledge.

The Best Pre-Workouts ranked

4. Legion Pulse Pre-Workout

$39.97 (21 servings)

Flavor: 5/5

Strength of the pre-workout: 3/5

Price: 4/5

The Pump: 4/5

Health: 5/5

This Pre-Workout is best for:

  • Being Natural
  • For Women
  • For Beginners

The Best Benefit to Legion Pulse

Legion Pulse is heavily recognized as being the most all natural pre-workout and it holds to that standard.

Legion athletics has not had any health controversies or concerns.

Very notably, Legion Pulse also has some of the best pre-workout we’ve tasted so far with strawberry kiwi and green apple being two of the best flavors.

So who should buy it?

Pulse Legion is safest for women, beginners, and older men or women. This pre-workout gives less of a pump and has less strength but it noticeably does not cause any stomach aches or health problems.

While it lacks in strength, it is the safest pre-workout to take.

3. Ryse Pre-Workout

$43.16 (25 servings)

Flavor: 4/5

Strength of the pre-workout: 4/5

Price: 3/5

The Pump: 5/5

Health: 4/5

This Pre-Workout is best for:

  • For bodybuilding
  • For Pumps
  • For Men

The best benefit to Ryse

Ryse pre-workout is best for bodybuilders and people who get a rush out of pumps. This pre-workout works incredibly well for bodybuilding as it contains 6g of L-Citrulline Malate which is great for pumps

This pre-workout isn’t high in stimulates but it generates a great clean pump.

So who should buy it?

Bodybuilders and people who don’t like as much stimulates and that feeling of Nitric oxide that produces an itch all over your body.

2. Bucked Up (High-Stim) Pre-Workout

$51.80 (30 servings)

Flavor: 4/5

Strength of the pre-workout: 5/5

Price: 3/5

The Pump: 5/5

Health: 4/5

This Pre-Workout is best for:

  • For experienced lifters
  • For a high-stimulate

The best benefit to Bucked Up

Bucked Up Extreme is meant for people that want to feel the full rush of pre-workout. This pre-workout will hit extremely hard so its better to hold off for people who can handle pre-workout very well.

So who should buy it?

People who have built up a tolerance to caffeine or pre-workout. In addition, it is best for those who aren’t used to the high amount of caffeine to avoid it.

1. Nutricost Pre-Workout

(Code: BrandonF10 on Nutricost for 10% Discount)

Flavor: 3/5

Strength of the pre-workout: 5/5

Price: 5/5

The Pump: 5/5

Health: 5/5

This Pre-Workout is best for:

  • For Overall use
  • For everyone
  • For a mid-stimulate pre workout
  • For teenagers

The best benefit to Nutricost

Nutricost’s price to quality ratio puts it at the top of this list and here’s why:

The pump this pre-workout gives is remarkable even amongst constant pre-workout users.

You can feel each ingredient in Nutricost being used in each individual rep of every set. For how many ingredients are in this pre-workout, it is remarkably not costly.

Nutricost does have a high stimulate due to 3G of Beta-Alaine which gives you that itchy feeling everywhere. If you love that feeling, this pre-workout is a must-have.

So who should buy it?

This pre-workout is highly recommended overall, and for teenagers. Teenagers struggle to afford expensive pre-workout and if you want the bang for your buck, this is the way to go.

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