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About Us: Who’s the Creator?


Purpose Lead Destination

Gym Bunnies Blogs was started with the sole purpose to educate and help protect authentic information. It is our duty to make you happy with your results. We post information you will love and appreciate.

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We hold our posts up to the expected truth you deserve. Our blogs give exceptional information to our readers and provide the most accurate information given.

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What we blog about

Our Story

Blogging was a way for me, the creator, to express myself and my experience in the field of fitness. I saw tons of flaws in other blogs with non-authentic information or information misinterpreted or simply wrong. Our goal for this blog is to reach a large audience and to help others achieve their goals and give them something to take back to them. Helping people is our purpose and my purpose as the creator.

– Owner & Writer

First off let’s start off by stating my name, Brandon. What do I like? Well it’s an expected answer: Lifting & going to the gym. I first found my passion in lifting when I started off extremely skinny like many others. Bullied by classmates and looked down upon by others. I decided a change was necessary for me to become something I was proud of.

So what are my credentials?

  • Self-made gym rat from beginning at 130lbs and being extremely underweight, to 155lbs of lean muscle mass.

How did I do it?

Well, I studied. I studied the body, every muscle, what exercise targets what, and what is the fastest way to gain muscle. By simply reading off the internet, I was able to put on weight and see fast results within a year.

It took a ton of work and studying to get to a point I was satisfied with. That is precisely why I wanted to spread that knowledge for other people, so others can get a shortcut to valuable knowledge.

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